CT and Curium form a consortium to develop IoT & Industry 4.0 applications.


CT and Curium form a consortium to develop IoT & Industry 4.0 applications.

Curium & The CT Engineering Group form a consortium to collaborate in the areas of IoT and Industry 4.0 across Europe and Asia.

CT, a leading technological company that provides innovation and engineering services throughout the whole product life cycle, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Curium, a market leading innovator in sensor calibration technologies with a patent pending solution for multi-sensor calibration, in the area of IoT and Industry 4.0.  This consortium has been created through a grant through the Eureka GlobalStars programme with Enterprise Singapore. The aim is to forge better R&D cooperation between the European Union and Singapore, enabling Singaporean companies to work closely with leading European businesses and for European business to work in a range of leading and emerging markets.

CALAIX is an AI enabled auto-calibration and data visualization platform for Industry 4.0. Under CALAIX, Curium is bringing its patent-pending Continuous Dynamic CalibrationTM (CDC) capability for calibrating various sensors that are used in modern day IoT and Industrial processes and applications, while CT is bringing its extensive knowledge in process engineering, project management and digital twin creation. Combined, the two parties bring a system to market that minimises downtime and losses made through mis-calibrated equipment thus enabling highly automated processes to remain online for longer. This unique capability will dramatically change the industrial landscape globally with advanced talks already underway for deployment in the South East Asian, European, North Africa, and Latin American markets.